Objectives »

(1) To assess the Land Resources (which includes soil, water and vegetation) of the States and issue guidelines to and coordinate the activities of the Departments connected with appropriate use of land resources.

(2)  To provide the highest forum for policy, planning and coordination of all issues connected with health and scientific management of State’s land resources.

(3) To take an over-view of all the schemes and assign inter se priorities requiring land use changes or diversion of arable lands, from the point of view  of eco-preservation, interaction between land and water cycles and productivity, total bio-mass production and social priorities.

(4) To provide direction for bringing about an integrated and scientific approach  in developmental plan implementation and monitoring of programmes related to land resources.

(5) To collect, compile and make available statistical and other data/map etc. on land use and the status of natural resources for government, user agencies and the public.

(6) To prepare guidelines for the conservation, management and the use of natural resources taking into account the needs of population and available resource capabilities.

(7) To provide support in preparing perspective plans, (8th Five Year & 25 year plan), studies, investigations etc. For conservation, development and management of country’s natural resources.

(8) To continuously review the implementation of the scheme or programmes of Government Department and other agencies which affect land resources.

(9) To take steps to ensure education, training, seminars, workshops and other means of improving the use of land and other resources for development in a sustainable manner.

(10) To play a major role as a disseminating and awareness creating agencies on the conservation and use of land resources and to provide a forum for sharing information and experience pertaining to land resource uses.