Planning Department

Man Power Planning Division

                Manpower Planning Division was established in the year 1971 with the establishment of State Planning Institute. Its task is to do such studies to ensure the availability of technical and business personnel for the successful implementation of various development plans of the state in a timely and as required manner and to suggest suggestions in order to work out the problem of unemployment. Also, by making necessary improvements in educational and training institutions for making them more useful and ensuring maximum utilization of available manpower in development works leading towards contributing in human resource development.

Sr. No.Details
  Empanelment of Agencies
  Government Order Related With Hiring Of Consultants
  Government Order Related With NGO
1.  Go no:  21/2016/600/35-1-2016-2/1(12)/2016    Date:18 July,2016
2.  Go no:  22/2016/601/35-1-2016-2/1(12)/2016    Date:18 July,2016
  Government Order Related With Surplus Staff Pool
1.  Go no:  20/1/91-का-2/2008                         Date:22 September,2008
2.  Go no:  20/1/91/का-2/2008                         Date:10 October,2008
3.  Go no:  20/1/91/का-2/2008                         Date:20 October,2008
4.  Go no:  2011/35-1-2008-2/1(38)/2008      Date:07 November,2008
5.  Go no:  20/1/91/का-2-2008                          Date:09 June,2009
6.  Go no:  20/1/91/का-2-2012                          Date:15 March,2012
7.  DO letter no:   आर.जी-737/दस- 2013-27/2013                        Date:30 July,2014